Socorro & The Revillagigedos Island

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Known worldwide as the “Mexican Galapagos” the volcanic archipelago is located approximately 240 miles south of Cabo San Lucas and only accessible by liveaboard. It’s remote location and sometimes strong currents which make the location suitable for experienced divers also draws in a variety of large marine creatures.


Encounters with Giant Pacific Manta Rays and several species of sharks such as the Scalloped Hammerhead, Silvertip, Galapagos, Tiger, and Whitetip Reef sharks are are common place. Dolphins and big schools of fish are also possible and the area is home to some endemic species not found anywhere else on the planet. As if that was not enough, between February and April the area is also frequented by Humpback whales who’s songs can often be heard underwater.

Socorro is truly a divers paradise!

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The Southern sport is a professional dive boat most recently renovated in 2012 and refurbished annually to keep it in the best condition. The vessel is 35meters long (115ft).

There is an air conditioned saloon on the main deck with couches, TV, surround sound and a stock of movies. Also found on the main deck is the dinning area where your meals will be served and snack bar where you can always finds snacks and drinks throughout the day.

On the top of the boat you can find a large sun deck and seating area where you can work on your tan between dives and a BBQ to add some additional variety to the cuisine.

The dive deck is spacious with personal gear boxes, a camera table, large rinse tanks, fresh water showers and a common toilet.



  • Arrival Day (Feb 1st) Independent arrival and overnight in Cabo San Lucas.

  • Day 1 (Feb 2nd) - 10:30 AM pickup from and transfer to our boat “Southern Sport”, Boat departs at 12:00 for San Benedicto Island. Non-Diving Day.

  • Day 2 (Feb 3rd) Arrival to San Benedicto Island, 1st Day of diving. Evening steam to Socorro Island.

  • Day 3 (Feb 4th) Diving at Socorro Island. Evening steam to Roca Partida.

  • Day 4 & 5 (Feb 5th & 6th) Two days of diving at Roca Partida followed by and evening steam to Socorro Island on the second day.

  • Day 6 (Feb 7th) Diving at Socorro island. Evening steam to San Benedicto Island.

  • Day 7 (Feb 8th) Diving at San Benedicto. Begin return steam to port in Cabo San Lucas.

  • Day 8 (Feb 9th) Late arrival to Los Cabos.  Overnight aboard.

  • Day 9 (Feb 10th) Disembarkation at 08:00. We will transfer you to your hotel in Los Cabos.


Transfer on the morning of departure to the boat from the lobby of one the hotels mentioned below.

Eight nights accommodation in one of our double occupancy cabins. Double beds and private bathrooms are available in some of the cabins. We are happy accommodate couples but beds are reserved on a first come first serve basis so don’t wait to book.  

The boat also has an air-conditioned salon where guests can relax on comfortable couches after their dives and listening to music or watch movies as well as a sun deck where you can work on your tan.


All meals, soft drinks and water are included during your time on board the boat. The food is good so bring your appetite. 

There is a dining area where you will be served three nourishing meals a day and a snack area with cookies cakes and hot drinks. Beer and wine are also available in moderate quantities with dinner.  You are welcome to bring extra beer or hard liquor if you wish, but please be aware that alcoholic beverages cannot be consumed until the dive day is over. 

SAFETY is our number one priority in such a remote location and the deadline to FINISH the last dive of the day is 5 PM. So night dives are not offered but depending on conditions we might offer a night snorkel. Most of the dive sites are fairly deep so our daily diving plan includes either 3 dives longer than 60 minutes, or 4 dives of 50 min or so.  For your safety we ask that you please dive conservatively.

We are also happy to be able to include transfer from the boat back to your hotel in Cabo following our return to port.


The use of rental equipment or Nitrox gas is not included in the cost of the trip. Nitrox fills can be provided at an additional cost of 125 USD for the week. If you are already Nitrox certified we recommend considering this extra as the extended no decompression limits are definitely worth it. If you are not Nitrox certified, our instructors aboard are happy to certify you during the trip for a further additional fee of 125 USD.  The fee for rental equipment is item based so please inquire if you need something.

Neither the Port Departure fee nor Natural Park fee are included in the cost of the expedition as these are mandated by the Mexican government and are subject to their whims. Currently the cost to cover both of theses fees is 78 USD. Payment will be required once you come aboard the vessel so please bring cash with you. 

Gratuities are also not included. The crew will work very hard for you, and if you would like to show your appreciation tips are encouraged. Of course the amount is up to your discretion however $250 per passenger to be divvied up between the crew is recommended.


The diving areas around Revillagigedo Islands can be challenging with deep sites, strong currents and sometimes rough seas. For this reason all divers must already have a command over their buoyancy control. We want to ensure a good time for all so please make sure you are aware of the difficulty level of these dive sites and comfortable diving in current before booking.


Our departure point is San José del Cabo, Mexico (SJD), and we strongly suggest you to arrive to this destination at least one day ahead of the ship’s departure date in order to avoid the possibility of missing luggage or any other delay. The boat will return to Cabo at night at the end of the trip, so, we will stay aboard overnight and disembark in the morning either towards a hotel or the airport. You may reserve your airport transfers at  c/o Miguel Flores, cel phone 6241416254

PICK UP TIME on departure day will be 07:00 AM from the following  hotels in San José del Cabo : 

  • Hotel El Ganso (very near to Puerto Los Cabos, $$$)

  • Casa (downtown, hotel boutique, $$)

  • Hyatt Place, (near freeway, $$)

  • Tropicana, (near the marina, $$)

  • Hotel Posada Terranova, (downtown, $)

  • Hotel (downtown, $)

If you decide to stay somewhere else, you MUST be at the lobby of  one of the mentioned hotels no later than 06:45, in order to join the rest of the guests.

DEPARTURE TIME of our boats is 09:00 AM.  It takes 22-24 hours to get to San Benedicto Island, so, a late departure will mean that the first day of diving might be lost or cut short.



Clothing aboard is very casual, so, no need for your runway attire. T-shirts, shorts and sandals, plus a light jacket will do.  Southern Sport T-shirts are also available for purchase on board in case you want a souvenir to add to all the memories you will have made. If you are prone to seasickness make sure to bring medication or precautions, as the seas can sometimes be rough.

It might also be nice to share your favourite book, music or movies with the group during our longer steams, so consider bringing something along.

It is also recommended that you bring a FULL set of dive gear including: mask and snorkel (for a possible evening snorkel), regulator including alternate air source for your buddy, BCD, wetsuit, fins and at least one signalling device (we recommend a surface marker buoy). Water temperatures will probably be between 21-23 C, or 73-76 F, so, among your full set of gear, we suggest a 5/7 mm wetsuit.  No one likes to have there regulator act up halfway through a trip so please remember to service your gear ahead of time and make sure everything is working properly prior to packing it up.

If your dive kit includes any non standard parts we also suggested you bring a SAVE-A-DIVE kit, consisting duplicates of these items i.e. extra fin straps and mask straps, HP regulator hose, and o-rings. 

If you would like to rent dive gear, we are happy to provide you with what you need. Please let us know ahead of time what items you would like to rent and the size when appropriate and we will have it aboard for you.

We will also have a few spare kit items onboard on a first come first serve basis in case of emergency but we cannot guarantee a perfect fit so be sure to let us know if you need to rent gear at least 2 weeks ahead of departure.


Your Diver Certification card is a must. Please bring it with you. 

All guests are also required to have a valid Travel Insurance Policy and/or DAN insurance.  This is for your safety, to facilitate evacuation in case of emergency and to cover expenses in the event of a cancellation for any reason. 

If you are not a Mexican citizen, you are required to carry with you a valid passport. A copy of each passengers passport is required to file the ship's manifest.  Please make sure to email us a copy of your passport at least 1 month prior to the trip departure.  Upon your arrival in Mexico, you will be required to complete a FMT form, or Mexican tourist visa, which will be stamped by Immigration officials at your port of entry. A copy of this visa must also be filed for each passenger boarding the vessel as will be collected once you are on board. 



If you would like to book a spot on our expedition just let us know your interested and we will hold your reservation for 48hrs.  We will then send you instructions on how to submit the required deposit of 20% (680 USD).  Once we receive the deposit your place is reserved. We will then send you a copy of the payment schedule with dates and amounts for the remaining balance. Please see our terms and conditions for more details or reach out with any questions you might have.

The cost of the trip is $3400 USD based on double occupancy.

Please contact us using the button below with any questions or to reserve your place