Enjoy leaving behind the scuba tanks for some of the most epic and thrilling snorkeling on Earth: from the biggest aggregation of whale sharks known to the high speed hunting of the sail fish. Get inspired by the surreal cenotes and join us swimming with friendly green turtles.


The cenotes offer great cavern diving for all experience levels and a great opportunity for more advanced divers wanting to push their limits further. Brilliant reefs with plenty of photo opportunities are awaiting too, let us show you all the best diving you can dream of.


If you want to extend your comfort zone under the water or challenge your self learning advanced technical skills, training is the answer to your needs. Let us take you through the exciting learning process that can literally open up an entirely new world to you.


Welcome to Go Dive Mexico

At Go Dive Mexico we are always looking for the best diving locations Mexico has to offer!

We are now running expeditions to the west coast of Mexico for its famed big animal encounters.

Whether your bucket list involves diving with Great whites , Oceanic Mantas, Dolphins , Hammer Heads , whale sharks or all the above, the west coast of Mexico has it all and more.