The Yucatan Peninsula is a Mecca for cavern & cave divers from around the world and for a very good reason. The underground scenery is phenomenal.

cave diving tulum

While floating above or below the halocline we can witness: stalactites, columns, flow stones, travertine pools, and soda straws, and with visibility extending further than your light can penetrate. Along with being diveable 365 days of the year and a constant water temp of 25c it makes it a world class destination for cave diving.


Not only is it home to three of the biggest cave systems in the world Ox Bel Ha, Sac Actun and Dos Ojos now with over 1300 km of surveyed line. but new cenotes/systems are being discovered and explored all the time.

Characteristically Mexican caves tend to be shallow (0-30m) range are highly decorated and fragile, They have little water flow or current and a lot of fine sediments. Good buoyancy, trim and propulsion techniques are essential in order to protect this fragile environment.


At GO DIVE MEXICO, we are avid cave divers and will be happy to guide you through the stunning cave systems of the Riviera Maya.


Our Cave Guiding fee is 170 USD/person or 150 USD/person per day for 2-3 people.


  • Entry Fees Not Included (10-50 usd depending on cenote)

  • High quality rental equipment available (contact for prices)


  • Professional Guide

  • Manifolded Doubles or Side Mount Tanks

  • 32% EANx Fills

  • Transport From the center to the Cenotes and back.